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Hello, my name is Birgitta May and I am a very proud Distributor for 
Eye Envy Tear Stain Products
the absolute best and most effective tear stain products on the market today

I have been around dogs and cats all my life and during my 27 years in the States I took care of stray animals and it was truly satisfying to be able to help as many as I did to a better life.  In 1992, as I had just moved back to Sweden,  I began looking for pedigreed cats and started my S*CatRoyale’s Maine Coon Cattery in 1993. I had planned on breeding Birmans but, as always, life played a trick on me. I started with one Birman and ended up with a whole lot of Maine Coons!!

I ended my days as a breeder in 2003, I simply didn’t have time to do it all, the way I would like to, but needless to say, I do miss the pitter-patter of tiny feet in the house! I’m happy, though, with the one I still have at home.


DK*MysteryCoon’s Feminina
breeder & owner Ann-Dorrit Palmund, Greve, Denmark
photo: Kongro, Norway

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