Best Ways Of Letting Your Indoor Cat Outside Safely

The outdoors is a lot different, and even if your cat shows curiosity about what’s behind the door, it’s still frightening. Let your cat outside for a very short time at first, and gradually let him or her?enjoy the outdoors more and explore further. Whenever possible, make sure your cat has the ability to return home of his or her own will.

Supervised outdoor time in a secure area. For example, if you have a garden, you can go outside with your cat. He or she won’t get into trouble if you are there, too, and keep him or her away from hazards. If your cat is on scheduled meals, you can let him or her outside before mealtime, which will make it easier to call him or her back. People whose cats are on scheduled meals often tell us that it only takes rattling a bowl or opening a can or fridge to get their cat to return. If you don’t feed your cat on schedule, then maybe it’s a good time to start.

IMPORTANT: Bringing a cat outside and relying only on your supervision could be dangerous if you are not attentive. Your cat needs your undivided attention during this time. Make the outdoor trips short, and don’t leave your cat unsupervised. If your cat seems to get out of control, call him or her back using a treat. Otherwise, you will have an outdoor cat, which is not blameworthy but not safe, either.