Best Ways Of Letting Your Indoor Cat Outside Safely

The outdoors is a lot different, and even if your cat shows curiosity about what’s behind the door, it’s still frightening. Let your cat outside for a very short time at first, and gradually let him or her?enjoy the outdoors more and explore further. Whenever possible, make sure your cat has the ability to return home of his or her own will.

Supervised outdoor time in a secure area. For example, if you have a garden, you can go outside with your cat. He or she won’t get into trouble if you are there, too, and keep him or her away from hazards. If your cat is on scheduled meals, you can let him or her outside before mealtime, which will make it easier to call him or her back...

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Information on Cat Allergies

An allergy occurs when your cats immune system over-reacts to something that is usually harmless.? Symptoms are usually associated with skin irritation and include scratching, a crusty rash, and hair loss.


Your cats history of skin irritation, hair loss and crusty skin sores particularly around his neck and along his back will make your veterinarian suspicious of some sort of allergy. Some cats dont show any skin redness, but instead, just over-groom themselves, leaving bald patches with short stubby hairs.


There are only two ways of managing allergies in cats. The first is to avoid whatever is causing the reaction, and the second is to treat his body so that it no longer causes the allergy.

The first option works well for flea and fo...

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