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Eye Envy consists of 3 products that work together for a 100% cleaning result. Using Eye Envy will in the long run be more economical than using other products, whether they are made for pets or not. The 3 products are: 1. cleaning liquid, 2. specially made cleaning pads and 3. healing powder.

These products are without a doubt the most effective products on the market today to combat ugly tear stains and runny eyes! These products are anti-bacterial with all natural ingredients. Eye Envy does not contain any bleach, peroxide or any other harsh chemicals which can be harmful either to the eye or the sensitive area around it.

Eye Envy does not contain antibiotics, the products are antibacterial with all natural ingredients.

Owning a pet with runny eyes means a life long commitment to keeping its face clean and dry. There is no miracle cure that will stop the running, Eye Envy helps with stemming the tear flow which makes it easier to keep clean. There are no short cuts and in the interest of your pet’s health the best to do is to just make a habit of keeping the eyes, the face and the skin clean and healthy.

 Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover
This is a wonderful cleaning liquid and the best and safest on the market against ugly tear stains! You get almost instant result when you start using this. It’s also been tested by customers and has been found to remove some food stains and also cleans up paws yellowing from either rubbing the eyes or from the litterbox.
2 oz (ca 65ml) – 105:-       4 oz (ca 125ml) – 165:-         8 oz (ca 250ml) -260-

16 oz (ca 500ml) – 410:-              32oz (ca 1000ml) – 620-. This size comes in 2-l6oz bottles and is
the most economical if two  people decide to share the order and
take one bottle each!             


 Eye Envy Powder
This powder is designed to help repel tears and as an aid in controlling dark staining tear production. EE Powder is free from bleach and/or peroxide. It is unique in that it is not a cosmetic powder tha just covers the tear stains, . This fantastic powder is used after cleaning under the eyes and it is gently worked  into the coat and skin. Eyes will stop running as much as earlier with regular use. Can be used on all colors as it becomes invisible once it is applied into the coat.         1/2 oz  jar –  80:-      2 oz jar – 165:-     4 oz jar – 235:-


Image result for cat cleaning pads jarEye Envy Cleaning Pads in a Jar
This Eye Envy jar contains about 30 cleaning pads for use when cleaning tear stains. These pads are made of Rayon/Polypropylene and are sewn in a pattern which makes them  penetrate the coat easier and makes them more effective while cleaning. They are extremely thin and therefore save on the cleaning liquid. They are “fuzz free”.  Jar with  approx 30 cleaning pads      75:-



Eye Envy Cleaning Pads in plastic bag:     

Plastic bag with 40 pads (earlier 25)    – 35:-
6 plastic bags x 30 pads                        30:-



Eye Envy Starter Kit for dogs/cats  (only one per houshold)

Eye Envy’s Starter Kits all come in a cute cloth bag and you can choose from the colors olive green, light blue, light pink, light purple or golden yellow. 

Kit 1: 2 oz bottle (ca 65 ml) tear stain remover liquid, 1/2 oz jar powder and  Eye Envy’s cleaning pads in a plastic bag.  10% discount compared to buying the products separately.        215:- 

Kit 2: Cleaning liquid and powder same as above but with the cleaning pads in a jar that can be used to soak the pads in. To have the pads presoaked for a show makes it easier!    15% discount compared to buying the products separately.         235:- 

Kit 3: 4 oz bottle of cleaning liquid, ˝ oz jar with powder and a refill bag with E.E.’s cleaning pads.  10% discount compared to buying the products separately.            265:-  

Kaolinum Powder
Great to use on a very stubborn stud tail before bathing and also for touching up the coat at ring side.
It’s the only clay based powder on the market and it’s completely fragrance free, cannot be traced
when put into the coat!               100 g    65:-    

GOOP Original

Very effective on stud tails. This original product is the only one I carry as it has shown itself to be far more effective and kinder to the coat than Groomer’s  Goop.                14 oz      90:-

Double “S” Clear Bay-Rum Spray
A clear bay-rum spray that can be used on any color coat without discoloring. Gives wonderful luster and enhances the pattern in the coat. Can also be used as a “deodorizer” if your pet has had an accident in the car.                  65ml (2oz) – 95:-                120ml (4oz)  –  120:-      

Denman Brush (small)  
This brush is very similar to the MP brush, it’s made of half nylon/half bristle to be able to lift, separate and air the coat as you are brushing. It is medium soft and very gentle on the coat.           190:- 

Mini Steel Comb   This comb is a small steel comb that is used as a facial comb on dogs and cats. It can also be used to comb the cat’s coat and is really great on kittens. It is small enough not to bother you pet when you comb.                      11.5 cm x  1,5 cm         70:-

Small Steel Comb   This is identical to the Mini Steel Comb except that the teeth are longer. It makes the comb ideal for all coats, even very thick ones. Easy to use in small spaces and exceptional for combing out beards on dogs. A very handy size for both small and large pets.    11.5 cm x 2cm       80:-st

Medium Steel Comb  This is a medium size steel comb, perfect for cats and dogs. It is small enough to be comfortable for cats and large enough to be very effective. It is only 15 cm long and therefore easy to use, the teeth are 2.5 cm long which makes the comb perfect for even very thick coats.             90:-


In every country small children have a “Security Blanket” to feel safe when they are away from familiar surroundings. This “security blanket” follows them at least for first five years of their lives, if not longer, where ever they go. All countries have different names for them, in Swedish they are called Snuttefilt. I have named my pillows after this blanket because, for once, I prefer the Swedish name rather than the English. It sounds so cute when said in Swedish so you will have to practice! :o)

This pillow has vanilla and lavendel stuffed inside with regular pillow wad. The vanilla comes from Asia, the lavender from Southern Europe. The pillow calms the cat when worried or insecure in new, unfamiliiar places. The vanilla neutralizes the strange, new smells from others which makes the cat relax and and the lavender is directly calming. This is not a toy, it is used when you have to take the cat on trips, to shows, to the vet or any other place the cat would feel uncomfortable.

     I have written instructions with these pillows, it is nothing extraordinary but a cat that is upset will not just sniff the pillow and calm down, an upset cat will have to be helped to breathe in the fragrances from the pillow and if you feel the back of the cat when it is upset you will feel how tense it is and the vast difference when the cat starts to calm down! I have seen it work its magic many times and it makes me happy. I have always felt a little sorry for my cats when I travelled around with them, wish I had thought of these pillows then!

I am signing each pillow I make so that you can be sure that it is an original you are buying.

Each pillow measures 18cm x 18cm  (approx 7″ x 7″)       70:-/ea

The Pillow come in several patterns and you can order your favorite by number.

Numbers 1, 2, och 3

Numbers  4, 5, och 6

Numbers 7, 8 och 9

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our lovely cats could be as relaxed as Garfield is!

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